Understanding Skills Development is no longer just ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a necessity for all South African companies! Now your company can achieve the full 25 points available under the Skills Development Section of the new BBBEE codes.

Introducing Skills Development X25

A unique SA Business School offering that provides companies with everything they need to achieve maximum skills development points. Through our accredited training offering and the range of companies within our group, we are able to recruit, train, host and absorb previously disadvantaged people – both able-bodied and disabled.

This exciting new initiative by SABS is completely flexible, so companies are able to choose the level of their undertaking. The Skills Development Section of the new BBBEE codes is broken down into 5 categories of available indicators/actions and their affiliated points allocation. We provide clients with the choice of which categories they wish to undertake, building bespoke solutions around their needs, capacities and budget allocations.

Additionally, should clients not want to lose any productivity of staff by allocating them to a Learnership Programme, or perhaps don’t have the required number of staff available, there is an alternate option to sponsor staff within our group that will still allow them to achieve the same outcome from a BBBBEE perspective.

SA Business School will also guide you in maximising the various government grants, rebates and incentives, where applicable. You can also take advantage of our services in Supplier and Enterprise Development, Procurement and Socio-Economic Development.

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